Flea Market Funk 2018 Holiday Buying Guide

It’s that time of the year kids, and Flea Market Funk has some dope stuff that we thought might be good for you to ask for during the holidays. They are all made by good people, who make unique products and if you want to ask for or give something unique vinyl record related, then you have come to the right place. Here are ten or so gift ideas for you and yours. If you like what you see, then feel free to pass it on to someone who you know would dig it. Happy holidays and happy digging!

Gift Certificate To Your Local, Independent Record Store
Go to your local record store and buy a gift certificate for someone. Every day is record store day, so give the gift that will keep the lights and heat on at your local shop, plus keep the cultural hub of a record store in business. Take care of your local record store and it will take care of you!


Mukatsuku Records Are Our Friends 7″ Record Bag

We’re always looking for a forty five bag and well, Mukatsuku comes through again with a medium size gig bag that holds up to 80 forty fives. British made, durable, and hand crafted in Old London Town, here’s a bag that’s different from every one else.

Buy the bag here.

Tucker & Bloom x Fluid Cut Magnetic 45 Adapters

If it wasn’t great enough that T & B are outfitting some of the best DJs in the world with their bags, they’ve teamed up with Fluid Cut to give us some magnestic 45 adapters. These things work like a charm, are light (but effective), and you’ll never lose them because they stick together and have their own pouch. Booya!

Buy it here.

Buy Me Boston: Local Ads & Flyers 1960’s-1980’s Vol. 1

Author Brian Coleman takes you down a dark alley, music venue, jheri curl hair salon, restaurant, gay club, and anything else that was around Boston from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. lo-fi and cool as hell, we can’t wait for volume two! Get the first volume before it sells out!

Buy the book here.

Koeppel Design Record Tote 2

Besides the superb, bespoke record dividers they make, their vinyl related products are pretty damn sweet.  The Koeppel Design Record tote 2, in Kelp holds 10-15 albums and comes with a wood base to distribute weight evenly and protect the precious cargo of vinyl.  This is the first we’ve seen with the wood bottom.  Great thinking and great design.

Buy the tote here.

Selector Most High T-Shirt 

Whatever you believe in, you must give praise to the most high.   Selector come correct again with a dope design that’s on point.  I mean, everyone needs a black tee.

Get the shirt here.

Quasimoto Welcome To Violence Pin Pack

The bad character is back in a variety of positions with the brick.  You know you love Lord Quas, don’t be a loop digger and miss out on these enamel pins.

Get the pins here.

Beastie Boy Book

This is the definitive book we have all been waiting for from Ad Rock & Mike D. All the inside scoop: From Polywog Stew to The Hot Sauce Committee Vol. 2 and everything in between. You can’t not have this book, it’s that good. R.I.P. MCA.

Buy the book here.


Asbury Park FC 1963 Home Replica Jersey

Everyone knows we love footy here, so why not support the Tillies and their throwback ’63 Home jersey.  They do it all for modern football.  Stop wearing that blue United jersey and use it to wash your car.  APFC is where it’s at.

Buy the jersey here.


Jim Golden Studio 8 Track Collection Print

Known for his extremely good product photography, JGS has a series of prints that range from speakers to cassettes to video games to cameras to 8 Tracks and more.  Clean photography and design.

Buy the print here.


Vinyl Me, Please Subscription
This one is a good one people. Vinyl Me, Please has become one of the best record clubs around. Subscription service based, you can choose how much you want to spend. They have a TON of selections and feature new, and reissued hard to get records in limited VMP editions (color vinyl, prints, recipes). Can not say enough good stuff about this service!

Get the subscription here.

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