Walkers – Woman b/w Julius

Here’s a nice little slice of funk for your Monday morning courtesy of the mighty Fraternity Music Group. Keeping the funk alive indeed, The Undercover Brother keeps the hits rolling. Whether it’s Manzel, The Du_Rites and more, this label is keeping that gritty, b-boy, wah wah infused, funky drummer ish up at the top (as it should be). This time they’ve got two sides of heavy funk from Walkers, who repped the Netherlands with these two heav hitters. Going straight for the Barrabas on the A, they do a killer version of the record, and let’s face it, it was 1979 where you’d wouldn’t usually get deeper funk cuts, but get some late disco fluff for the most part (there were some good records, but you get the idea). A little slower but with a sleazy post disco flair, hand claps and heavy bass, this one is a side where doubles is indeed a must. The flip, “Julius”, is another great single, horn heavy, killer organ, and more of that deep bass just like the A. For us, it’s got that CTI sound, which is just perfect (an included drum break is even better). A groove that makes you move, we hear that the label will be releasing some funk fire 45s in 2019, so keep an eye out for them. For now, listen to both sides of this killer 45.

Get the record here.

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