14 KT featuring Muhsinah – The Power Of Same

In a move that you may have seen coming if you’ve been following the great LA producer/ beatmaker 14KT, who’s blapped up productions have been nodding heads and moving butts for more than a minute, he’s gone on to join the First Word family. Now, alongside artists like Children of Zeus, Eric Lau, Tall Black Guy and more, you’ll hear the smooth sounds of this man. This offering, IAMABEENIE is a new one for him, moving towards a jazz influenced project. Stepping away from the norm, he’s collabed on the first single with vocalist Muhsinah to give us “The Power of Same”. Beefing up the CV he has Stro Elliot on guitar and the iron clad James Poyser of The Roots fame laying down his signature sound while controls the drum (and quite nicely we must add) and other instruments. It’s super synthesizer heavy with enough bass to power a small country, but not too overpowering if you can feel us. Combine that with the smooth vocals of Muhsinah and you’ve got something really special. Here’s what 14KT had to say about the project:

“This was inspired by a bible study plan I was reading called The Power of Same. It spoke about the power of being consistent in our lives. I thought about how consistently God’s love and my family’s love have gotten me through my journey of life. Once I made a “skeleton” of the song, I reached out to the brother James Poyser who I was extremely blessed to work with. My brother Stro Eliot was living right down the street from me at the time. One night he walked over to my house, I played the record for him, he picked up my electric guitar and played the first thing that came to mind – which was perfect. I played the record for my brother Tall Black Guy, who suggested I reach out to Muhsinah to add vocals. I sent the record to her and two days later she sent me exactly what you hear. Amazing. That was definitely the spirit of God working.”

Whatever higher power had their hands in this amazing record, it’s evident that 14KT will continue his winning streak of tracks, and with a full embrace by his new label First Word, we’re eager to hear more from this record, which drops early 2019. Listen to the track below.

Get the track here.

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