Meridian Brothers y Grupo Renacimiento – La Policía

As the year end approaches, it’s great to see heat just being delivered daily. This one is about a month old, but needs to be heard, so here we go! NYC Trust continue their tradition of doing things their own way, and delivering their own heat and unique sounds to the masses. This record is a tribute to the 1970’s sounds of Salsa Colombiana from the maestro Eblis Alvarez. Two tracks of unmistakably great salsa with rhythms that grab you by your arms and straight to the dance floor. The A, “La Policía” tells the story crooked/ dirty cops in Bogotá first hand. Not just great to move to, but an up close account of what really goes on. The flip, “Poema del Salsero Resentido” translated to “Tale Of A Bitter Salsero”, throws out the situation of the salsa scene in Bogotá. Even if you’re not into salsa, or are just getting into it, you can not deny what the “radioactive, annihilating rhythm” (ritmo radioactivo y aniquilador) can do to you, and how it turned even the hardest salseros into punks (you’ll have to listen closely to hear that one). File this under good music. What we love about NYC Trust is that besides the miles of great sides these cats release, it’s always a musical history lesson that goes along with it. Another bonus is the cover, designed by Colombian artist Mateo Rivano, paying respect and reviving the cheesy ’70’s photos of the classic record covers of the time. Listen to both tracks below:

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