Khruangbin – Christmas Time Is Here (N & S America Edition)

Christmas time is here. Who doesn’t like the original Vince Guaraldi composition? Most everything Khruangbin does is solid gold, so even though this 45 came out in October well before Halloween, we thought it would be fitting to put it up for the masses today. While the track is most definitely not in the same time as the original all time classic, they’ve transformed “Christmas Time Is Here” into a bit of a head nodder. Some may like it, some may not, but from the very first drop you know it’s the Khruangbin sound. There have been many interpretations of Christmas tunes, and you can hear many of them on our Spotify list that will be going up Monday. We also have previously done a live Christmas mix here, that is free and always a good time for the holidays. But we digress, have a listen to this different version by a very talented band, in fact, one of our faves we discovered this year (Thanks to Applejac!). This was originally pressed up on green vinyl, so if you were lucky enough to scoop it up, then good on you.

Have a listen to the track below:

The record is sold out on their bandcamp page, but you know where you can find one (and perhaps not at the original price).

Here’s a video of the track:

Dig Deeper!

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