Xmas Done Got Funky. A Flea Market Funk Spotify Playlist

We can not believe that it’s Christmas already. It’s almost a whole year of music and culture from us here at Flea Market Funk. As we approach our twelfth year in our existence, we once again wanted to give back to all of the supporters who have stuck with us for so long. We’re happy to be able to break records (see 79.5 and Donatino who are up for records of the year THIS year and we broke them LAST year), bring you vinyl record culture, interviews, and whatever else we think is important to this game. We definitely think the holidays are important, so we carefully put together a slamming holiday funky playlist of funk, jazz, hip hop, soul, blues and reggae tunes, (fifty in fact close to three hours!). This is family friendly and appropriate for all family members (even Grandma who didn’t get run over by a reindeer and we didn’t include that song). From obscure holiday heat to some known funky sides and everything in between, here’s a gift from the Flea Market Funk family to yours. Enjoy, play it loud, follow us on Spotify, and pass it on to someone if you dig! Wishing the best to you and yours this holiday season.


Happy Holidays and Dig Deeper!

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