Flea Market Funk’s Long Players Of The Year

There were a lot of records that came out this year, and honestly it was hard to narrow it down to just ten, but we did it. All of these records are great, and we’re listing them in no particular order. They are ten vinyl record releases that we feel stood out among many for the year of 2018. Some may disagree, or ask us why this or that wasn’t included, but honestly we are big upping (yeah bandcamp, we see that you stole our interview series name, we’ll deal with that later) these records because we feel they’re important. So, whether you’ve heard of them or not, have a listen and support these great artists who are doing great things and making great music. We’re looking forward to the new crop of music and records in 2019!

Ben Pirani – How Do I Talk To My Brother (Colemine Records)

The Du-Rites – Gamma Ray Jones (Redefinition Records)

79.5 – Predictions (Big Crown)

Robohands – Green (Village Live Recordings)

The Putbacks – The Putbacks (Hope street Recordings)

Gas Lab & Traum Diggs – Jazz Hop Vol. 2 (Village Live Recordings

The White Blinds – Get To Steppin’ (F-Spot Records)

Idris Akamoor & The Pyramids – An Angel Fell (Cultural Odyssey)

Pat Van Dyke – Hello Summer (Stereo Vision Recordings)

Medline Solstice (My Bags Records)

The Expansions – Murmuration (Albert’s Favorites)

K.A.A.N – Subtle Meditation (Redefinition Records)

Scone Cash Players – Blast Furnace (Mango Hill)

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