The Ignobles – Make Me Wanna

Continuing the tradition. Of good reggae music, Happy As A Lark Records out of Chicago is at it again with the mighty band known as The Ignobles. Made up of band members of The Drastics, Deal,s Gone Bad, The Far East, Uzimon, and the Full Watts Band, the members hail from Chitown and NYC. Their style is simple: a vintage Jamaican sound, carefully thought out lyrics, and a nod to the past, keeping the sounds of JA alive in 2018. Their second single for HAAL is a side that contains a message; inequality and of voices not heard, “Make Me Wanna” is indeed a powerful side. Equally powerful and also penned by lead man Mike Sarason, “Living Dangerously” reaches out to individuals and the world of humans to stop living the life (or lives) they’re living. Ann updated message not just to Rudy but to the world we live in. Also present on these recordings were the master King Tony, who kept it old school with analog four track cassette tapes, reverb and delay. Available in black and limited edition yellowvinyl and comes with a one inch Ignobles logo button. Bonus!

Listen to the tracks here:

Get the record here.

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