Best of 2018: The Beats

There have been so many great 45s, hip hop, instrumental tracks, and the like, that we’ve put them together in a category called: The Beats. These head nodders will not only make that neck snap, but had us saying: “Daaaaaaammmmn when we dropped the needle or pressed pay on them. They are in no particular order, but a group of releases that get a well deserved nod, similar to the way they make us feel. So without further ado, we give you the best of The Beats featured on Flea Market Funk in 2018. Enjoy!

Mac McRAw feat Paten Locke – “Sleep Techniquez” (Cold Rock Stuff)

Get the record here.

DJ Format – “The Meeting” (Giselle)

Sold out, but coming back soon!

Chairman Maf – “Ginger” (Non 45 cut)

More info here.

Mongrels – “Over Eggin’ It” (Invisible Spies)

Get the record here.

The Allergies – “Dance Now” b/w “Fade Away” (Jalapeno Records)

Get the record here.

Sam Krats feat. El Da Sensei – “Revive Rap” (Dusty Donuts)

Libretto & Buscrates – “Ain’t That Funky” (Liquid Beat)

Get the record here.

Klaus Layer feat. The Artifacts & Blu – “Force” (Redefinition Records) Non 45 cut

Get the record here.

Homeboy Sandman & Edan – “Never Use The Internet Again” (Stones Throw) Non 45 Cut

Modified Man – Kingswood Drive (Albert’s Favourites) Digital Only

Get the track here,

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