The Circle Of Confusion feat. Cornel Campbell – Hole In The Ceiling

Rocafort Records jump right into 2019 with a killer forty five for the reggae and dub lovers out there. This time they’ve got The Circle Of Confusion feat. Cornel Campbell with a belter of a tune in “Hole In The Ceiling”. It’s Lausanne, Switzerland’s own Circle of Confusion (Seb.K (Shakedown productions) and Phil’eas (Black Diamond Music)) meeting up with the falsetto vocals of Campbell uptown. The two admired the crooner and contacted the reggae legend and just liek that, a collaboration was born. And what a track the three have put together. If you had no idea of the global collabo, you’d have swore that this record was made in one of the many famous studios in JA. With keyboards by Jah Lou, this slice of socially conscious dubby roots is just how we wanted to start the new year. It’s amazing that this day and age that you’d be able to make a record with one of your favorite singers. Imagine if in 1978 someone loved what they heard from Bob Marley and got him to do a collaboration in India (or another far away place)! This is truly a special record, and Rocafort continues to push further and further into different territories with each slab of vinyl they release. They are one of the leaders in this record game, with a perfect run of diverse, dope records from day one. Don’t believe us? Have a listen for yourself. The flip is the dub version of the track, always crucial, and always on point, just like Rocafort.

Pre-order the record available February 1st.

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