Beta Hector Ensemble – King Lunp Theme b/w Into the Light

Ahh the first week of 2019 and the hits just keep rolling in. Delights jumps right into it quick with a long awaited double sider from the Beta Hector Ensemble. Repping Brighton, and giving us his first release in seven years, Hector, aka the bassist from MNP, Simon Hill expands on his global groove he showered us with on his debut Sunbeam Insulin on Tru Thoughts from 2011. If you have not got your hands on that or some of the forty fives, you need to scour the internets, they are that good. Along for the ride with S are A. Kirkwood on drums, L. Nicklen on vibes and electric piano, T. Mead on bass, and H. Fitt on flute and saxes. Two extraordinary sides on this one folks. The “King Lunp Theme” is a lower tempo track that could easily been performed at Slug’s back in the day by some unknown jazz outfit who just blew into town. The next thing you know, you tell your friends to check them out, and you find out no one knows where they went. It’s got a spaghetti western feel mixed with free jazz sounds and we adore it. The flip, Into The Light”, is a mellow, cinematic groover that feels so film noir that we had to play it half a dozen times (it’s still stuck in our heads: the sax + flute are infectious). It’s raw and grabs you right by the shirt collar, then hugs you and tells you it’ll be ok. Slowly caressing your cheek, you begin to love this track. Not sure? Stream both tracks below:

Get the record here.

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