Cochemea – All My Relations

Today we get back to the roots of the music, Cochemea Gastelum’s roots that is. A long time touring member of Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings (fifteen years), Gastelum returns with a solo record. All My Realtions, an intimate record of jazz and indigenous rhythms influenced by the exact roots we’re speaking of. This release sees the saxophone player break out of the tight knit Dap King clique for a personal musical journey of his own. This spiritual awakening through his Yaqui and Mescalero Apache ancestry is a beautiful look at his past channeled through his own music and instrumentation. All My Realtions is ten tracks of uplifting and very personal spiritual journeys on his ancestry. This soloist, composer, musical director and ensemble player is heading back to his California upbringing, decades of musical magic channeled through the elders and interpreted by Gastelum into a very special record. His name means “they were all killed asleep”, so with a heavy tag given at birth, he brings a heavy load of very personal music to the masses. We are certainly looking forward to this release, as Daptone get ahead early in 2019 with a dope jazz record already. Check out a track below, off of the full length out on Daptone Records label February 22nd.

Pre-order the record here.

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