Wack Wack Rhythm Band – Madras Express b/w Stay Pressed

Today we travel to Japan and get into the groovy and very funky Wack Wack Rhythm Band. If you are a fan of funky horns, blaxploitation soundtracks, and a funky good time like JB brought you, then the Wack Wack Rhythm Band is for you. Getting right into the funk, the A-Side “Madras Express” is heavy, heavy on the horns, carrying enough weight with the funky back beat to be the lead in a car chase scene uptown somewhere. It breaks down a bit and goes right into heavy synths that don’t slow down either. A funky bass line, percussion and the synths just move it, and by move it, we mean your butt on the dance floor. This one perhaps slid under the radar at the end of ’18/ beginning of ’19, but by the time the end comes around, you’re freakign out and so is the music. a nice under the radar cut if we do say ourselves. The flip, “Stay Pressed”is a soulful jazz funk instrumental that has a huge Stax influence through it. Uplifting and moving, it’s another dimension to this already talented crew. Let’s not forget the organ that runs through this puppy and some great guitar work as well. Definitely a keeper.

Check out both tracks below, and buy the record after the link.

Get the record here.

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