DJ Mitsu The Beats feat. Takumi Kaneko – Let Go

Mukatsuku Records have got us all warm in this deep freeze with another belter from their vaults on 45. Two sides of goodness from DJ Mitsu The Beats, who goes deep in the digging and samples. The final product, for almost the last two decades is completely dope. Slow moving, but funky, these head nodding beats and fuzzy accouterments are just what you need for a Monday morning or late night social calling. The first track, “Let Go” features Takumi Kaneko from Cro-Magnon, and is a spacey journey, heavy on the synths, think classic 70’s Herbie Hancock with warm Fender Rhodes combined with head nodding bossa nova style beats. It’s trip through the galaxy and back people. The B-Side “Pilot”, is a slow burner indeed. More Fender Rhodes, more head nodding drums, reminiscent of a long sunny day walk by the Thames, headphones on, DJ Mitsu The Beats as your pilot, controlling the trip and the soundtrack to it as you make a stop at a cafe for a cuppa. This record is the first time in almost three years we’ve seen Mitsu on vinyl, and of course it’s a good one. RIYL like tight beats, broken beat, samples, and instrumental hip hop. Mukatsuku does it again. Check out the track below:

Get the record here.

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