Neighborhood Ramen X Nostalgia King X Record Breakin’

When the homie Skeme Richards does a mix, you need to listen. This time, the globe trotter, DJ, producer, food connoisseur collabs with Record Breakin’ Music and neighborhood Ramen in Philadelphia for a soundtrack to your meal. Combining his love for ramen and of course the black crack, he’s put together a beautiful mix pairing a delicious bowl of ramen and rare Japanese jazz funk, soul, and rare groove records. All vinyl, all selected by The Nostalgia King himself and made to compliment Miso, Shio, Shoyu or Tonkotsu,the music is as delicious as the meal. This is an extremely limited release, only available through the Record Breakin’ bandcamp and physically at Neighborhood Ramen. No downloads kids, this is a physical product only. Old School style, like when you hit up your local or made the trek to Fat Beats to load up on mix tapes. Mixed by Skeme Richards with art work by Bret Syfert, it will be released February 1st. Buy it here or at:

Neighborhood Ramen
17 S 3rd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Get this very limited release while you can!

Buy the mix here.

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