Purple Image S/T Reissued

We’re thankful for a label like Tidal Waves Music, with distribution from Light In The Attic, they are preserving and reissuing some of the greatest records you may never had heard of. This specialty record label focuses on high quality vinyl reissues from all eras and genres, so right off the bat you know they are serious. Take this gem from Cleveland, Ohio as a case in point. Founded in 1968 by a 24 year old named Warren Adams, this eight piece crew named themselves Purple Image and went directly past go without collecting the $200 and put the pedal to the metal with their own blend of psychedelic funk rock. Less like Otis and James but more like Hendrix, Death, and Black Merda, they released their first and only via Map City Records (and had a single in “Marching to a Different Drummer” to boot). This high energy record with heavy guitars, saxophone, combining funk, rock, and even some soul has become to go on to the stuff of legend in the record collecting community. Fetching a nice price for an original, it’s great to see this record officially reissued and affordable for the masses who have never heard this slice of goodness. This record definitely helped pave the way for the great African American rock acts like Living Colour, Fishbone, and Bad Brains, among others. Rock and roll that is as heavy as you’ll hear with a groove. Purple Image will be the soundtrack to your upcoming days. Recorded in 1970, it’s as fresh now as it was then. Available on conventional and color vinyl with exclusive liner notes and images from founding member Warren Adams and family, this rare record is definitely one for your shelves.

Listen to the album in full:

Get the record via Light In The Attic here.

Clear vinyl available here.

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