Mogwaa & Andre Gibson – I’m Just Sayin’

We’re always excited when Star Creatures Universal Vibrations drops some new heat. If you missed the bundle pack from this month, which includes this record, you’ll have to scramble and get your hands on them individually. The forty five that is before us today dear friends is Mogwaa & Andre Gibson’s “I’m Just Sayin’ “. This new track puts out a call to all the steppers to get on the dance floor (and if you are not versed in Chicago’s stepping traditions, feel free to brush up it’s got a great history) and get down to this modern stepper. The track features Mogwaa from Seoul, South Korea on the instruments while the Windy City’s own Andre Gibson from The Universal Togetherness Band on the vocals. It’s a boogie crossover monster, which will no doubt be lighting up dance floors world wide, as it’s as perfect as a track of this caliber can be. Smooth and sexy with plenty of room to move, star Creature have another hit out of their camp and it’s just February! The flip, “Angelica Part 2” is a slow burning, mysterious boogie goodness that will get some late night wall grinding action for sure. Check out both tracks below from their bandcamp page and order the seven inch after the stream. Once again, SCUV goes their own way, pushing boundaries with their music that not just reaches Chicago, but a global dance community that is always begging for more from this label.

Order the record here.

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