Leopard DaVinci – “C’est donc ça avec Paul

Today’s goodness comes from DJ/ producer Leopard DaVinci. Part deep funk, part Mothership connection, part feline legendary painter, he was a member of The Fat Badgers, creating this solo project way back in 2012. The latest track, “C’est donc ça avec Paul”, is a low fi funky disco banger that is straight fire from start to finish. It’s slow burning drag is perfect for the dance floor late night, a mini little brother of “Planet Rock” meets “Bounce, Skate, Rock” in a funky style for that after midnight crowd to get down to. And get down they will. This one is close to about seven minutes long, so it gives you plenty of time to get to stepping. Known for his four hour DJ sets, which incorporate his homemade clarinet guitar solos (improvised of course), he’s bringing an electronic funk sound to a stage and DJ booth near you. Check out the video for “C’est don ca avec Paul” below, which features a dancing cowboy, a ragamuffin zebra, hula hooping, some bizarre papier-mâché masks, and a ceiling fan. It all somehow flows together

Watch the video below:

Get the track from BMM here.

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