Boca 45 Feat. Louis Baker – Move A Mountain

Start your week off right with more heat out of the 45 Live camp, this time with one of our favorite big drum beaters, Boca 45. Boca is back with frequent collaborator Louis Baker once again with a beat filled track entitled “Move A Mountain”. If you have been following the Bristol, UK based DJ/ Producer’s career, you know of his fondness for drums, drum breaks, classic hip hop grooves, and an onslaught of up rocking B-Boy flows. This double sider falls in line with many of his other productions: heavy heavy on the skins, neck snapping beats (dare we say block rocking beats? we’re feeling nostalgic this am for the Chemical Brothers), and as always on point production from start to finish. Also featuring the super talented and one of our faves Mr. Geoff Barrow, so take that for what it is, that’s a great collab right there. The flip, “Bryan Munich Theme” is a B-Boy bouillabaisse of heavy hitting bass, floor, and toms that will have the floor dancers trying to do their best 1983 in the Bronx moves. Let’s face it, there have not been many (if any) of Boca 45’s production that haven’t rocked a party all around the globe. We are quite confident this one will as well. Available tomorrow February 12th via 45 Live. When they are gone, they are gone, so get it early.

Listen to a snippet of each track here:

More info on ordering here.

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