Smoove & Turrell – Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 2

It’s Friday and we all just want to break out from our weekly grind, so what better way to do that with than a track from our Geordie friends Smoove & Turrell? Hitting quicker than an Alan Shearer strike, hand raised and moving at dance floor pace, we give you Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 2. Mount Pleasant was a great group of tracks that spanned 80’s electronica, funk, soul, jazz and blues, all wrapped up and done properly. The sound of S & T, unique and infectious, two chaps who make you move your feet to their relentless beats. They introduced one of two remixes of tracks from the record previously, and Volume two is quite the banger. “You’re Gone” gets two relicks, one from Russian producer Valique, the other from those all too funky lads The Allergies. The track features Izo FitRoy, and is dope in its own right, however, Valique takes his remix off the charts going full on disco house, raising the dance floor up to get people grinding, moving, and dancing to the rhythm. The Allergies turn “You’re Gone” into a soul stomper, with heavy drums, stabby horns, hand claps, and the vocal play between Turrell and FitzRoy is superb. The final track you get is “Billie”, remixed by Flevans. Highlighting Turrell’s smooth crooning, he adds some lush instrumentation and brings the frantic groove of the two previous tracks down a bit, making his art of storytelling stand out over the back beat of bluesy soul grooves. Smoove & Turrell keep it moving as always, breaking new ground, collabing with great producers, and adding great flavor to our global music scene. Stream the tracks below:

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