Jukka Eskola Soul Trio – Tiny B

We are always excited when a new jazz forty five comes our way. Let’s be serious, we are excited when an old jazz forty five comes our way too, but even more hyped when it’s an new jazz record that sounds old. Know what we’re saying? The latest hot platter from the Jukka Eskola Soul Trio on New Look In Jazz Records is right up the alley of any swinging jazz enthusiast or an appreciator of fine jazz grooves. “Tiny B”, throws some bossa jazz your way while Eskola kills on the trumpet solos, Teppo Mäkynen mans the drums as well as added percussion and vibes, and a lesson is served by Mikko Helevä on the organ. Light and airy like a summer breeze, this track will get many spins through the globe we are sure of that. The flip, “Stick Of A Branch” is a jazz dance floor fire starter, highlighting ’70’s afrocentric jazz outfits, with tinges of blues roots throughout. A true double sider in the jazz world, no fluff here. Two different tracks that get it right. We sure need to see (and hear) more new jazz like this. When it comes out of the Timmion Records camp, you really know it’s going to be a hit. They have been blessing us with not just good soul and funk, but jazz as well throughout the years. Your turntable will thank you for this one, you can’t just play it once. Don’t believe us? Listen to the A-Side “Tiny B” below and let us know what you think. Still going strong after all these years, the Helsinki, Finland based label goes for the gusto once again and we all win.

Pre-order the record available February 15th from Timmion Records.

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