Feeling This Friday: De La Soul – What’s More (Rhythm Scholar One Of These Eyes Mix)

The Rhythm Scholar has been laying down DOPE remixes for years. Many of his remixes are staples in live DJ sets not just for this writer and DJ, but for record manipulators around the world. So when this remix from De La Soul came through, we had to share it. 3 Feet is 30 years old, still a seminal LP (despite the lesson in how not to clear samples) to so many people. “Yo, when I first heard 3 Feet High and Rising I was–”, you know the rest. The group is still going, making music (good music), touring, and to this day makes people feel good where ever they go. So it’s fitting that the Scholar jumped back and reworked a track from this record in his own way. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I love De La Soul. I always have. This year is the 30th anniversary of their amazing album 3 Feet High And Rising. When it came out it was my favorite album. I bought it, and every 12″ single I could find!
One of the B-Sides from the ‘Me, Myself And I’ single is a song called “What’s More”. As presented in 1989, it’s a quick, 2-minute track. It’s just 3 samples and some rapping. At 132 beats-per-minute, it seems like it’s over before it begins. The message and lyrics are great, but I always thought that they deserved better. If these words had been combined with a sample-rich music bed, ‘What’s More’ could have been included on ‘3 Feet High And Rising’, and might have been right up there with the rest of the beloved tracks from that album. Well, 30 years later, hopefully I can show you what I mean. I challenged myself to make an old-school rap track for ‘What’s More’. Totally sample-based, eclectic, smooth & reminiscent of something De La would have gladly rapped over in 1989! What I’ve come up with is a track that I think gives the lyrics the musical setting they need to fit right in as one of the layered, sample-heavy tracks of late-80s era De La Soul! To stay true to a track that could have been produced in 1989, this remix only contains samples from songs that were available when ‘What’s More’ was produced. The samples span from 1968 to 1988. See how many of them you can spot!”

Audio Mastered by The Odd Nocturnal Farmer, this one is another sure shot from Rhythm Scholar. We are feeling this on this Friday! Enjoy.

De La Soul – What’s More (Rhythm Scholar One Of These Eyes Remix)

Download the track here.

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