Doron Segal – The Addition Of Strangeness

Today we hear again from one of the best, well rounded indie labels out there, Village Live Records. Whether it’s hip hop, jazz, left field beats, indie music or more, Village Live has been coming correct for a minute with great music on all fronts. This time, they retreat into jazz mode and give us the debut record from Israeli jazz pianist and composer Doron Segal, The Addition Of Strangeness. Based in Berlin, this record features his trio: Segal (piano), Tom Berkmann (bass), and Daniel Dor (drums). Exploring contemporary jazz music, Segal gets smooth like butter but puts his modern take on the music itself. The music itself is superb, with seven original compositions as well as two covers featured. As far as the originals go, we’re definitely feeling tracks such as the opener “Wrong Channels”, with Dor’s almost drum and bass drumming mixed in with Segal’s melancholy piano, “Breaking Habits”, a roller coaster of aural delights, “Happic”, which we feel should be in a movie, it’s got a soundtrack/ story feel to it, bright and flowing freely. “A Sketch Of You Part 2” is beautiful as well, a smashing piece that ends the record strong. There is a cover of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun”, which may feel out of place, but isn’t at all. Definitely showcasing Segal’s talent as a pianist, his interpretation is a fitting tribute to not just the song, but Chris Cornell himself. Jaw dropping rendition of this track, perhaps the most unique we have ever heard. His is definitely a skilled composer, as the originals show, and we’re glad to bring him to your ears today. This one is available in black vinyl plus a super limited edition 100 piece yellow vinyl pressing. Defintiely a winner. Stream the record below:

Get the record here.

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