Jake Najor & The Moment Of Truth feat. Mixmaster Wolf – High Costa Living

Hot damn ho here we go again! Colemine Records is back with more funk for your trunk on this double sided forty five that was made to be played loud! Jake Najor & The Moment Of Truth featuring Mixmaster Wolf of Breakestra fame and the hot platter “High Costa Living”. The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble drummer hits it out of the park on this side project. Talk about heaters. Shit man, these mofos know what the uplift party plan is on the seven inch side, ya dig? Think of Jesse Gresham Plus 3 “Shootin’ The Grease” but heavier and with dynamite vocals. Raw and funky as your Pop Pop’s drawers, there is some thing in the West Coast water because this sound is out of sight. The flip, “Grab A Soda” is an another heat rock. Drums galore, fuzzy guitars, and stank for days, this side is just as hot as the A. Colemine have a knack for not just releasing great records, but digging deeper within crews to get equally as good side projects that really blow the doors off of many bands that are out there today. Whether it’s the raw, analog sound, the straight to tape mentality, the vintage equipment or the bevy of talented artists that they handpick to be on the label, record after record Colemine gets it right. We are already waiting for another release to be put out from these cats. The 45 is available on March 15th.

Listen to the record here.

Pre-Order the record from Colemine.

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