Feeling This Friday: The Stuyvesants – WRMX Remix Radio

Back once again, The Stuyvesants come through your area with a project that is a little different than their last few. This time, they put together a bunch of their favorite, current tracks and remix them into a project they call WRMX Remix Radio. Grabbing syrupy beats and some future radio classics, they head out on a late night run around the city, keeping the bpms low and the bass high as you hit the town into the wee hours of the morning playing your music as loud as you want. Pre-rolled or edible, this is the hazy soundtrack you can groove to. While we are certainly not fans of current rap, The Stuyvesants manage to grab the best beats and add their own touch to it, which honestly, make it palpable on a lot of levels. The mix feels like you’re just switching from station to station, just out for a ride. Feeling g.o.o.d., when we hit the Chieli Minucci clapback, that was the pinnacle of the tracks for us. But the mix isn’t over, they cruise out with a slick remix of Childish Gambino and “Is This America?”. RIYL late night jaunts, smoked out scenarios, and good remixes. The Stuyvesants keep it relevant with another remix mix under their belt, that’s why they are one of the best. Stream the project below.

Name your price and get the project here.

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