Reuben Wilson – Got To Get Your Own

We’re starting off the week with some reissue heat from Dynamite Cuts. This label has been dropping off some heat for the dance floor and to get the party started as of late. Today the get the party in full fuego mode by giving us one of our fave organ swingers, Reuben Wilson and his fantastic dance floor heat rock ‘Got To Get Your Own” from 1975-6. Originally on the Cadet label in the UK, Dynamite Cuts has gone in and dug through this storied organ player’s back catalog to get the soul jazz legend at his best and most moving. Then they get the sides out to the people. Whether you are familiar with this track or not, it’s originally six minutes plus, that unfortunately couldn’t be given for one side of this forty five. However, they took the title track and edited down like they only can, and it’s nothing less than spectacular. So necessary, it is a track that can motivate butts on the dance floor for real. If you think that it won’t, listen to the original and tell us otherwise. Wilson, one of the best to ever do it on the Hammond, slays the track and coincidentally all the dancers that come its way. The flip is “Tight Money”, heavy blaxploitation shizz for those who dig the ’70’s vibe of that kind of a side. “Got To Get Your Own” is such a bad ass track, we’re happy to see it get reissued here. Listen to the full length below:

Get the record from Juno here.

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