Kelly Finnigan – I Don’t Want To Wait

One thing about funk and soul in this climate, is that the players are so good, so dedicated, and so thorough in every borough they are from that when someone from a band releases a solo record, the word spreads quick. Kelly Finnigan, the lead singer from Left Coast band Monophonics has that going on now. Monophonics have been spreading their good gospel of funky, independent soul for a while. Their signature sound has been keeping the band in the ears of fans, on turntables of DJs, and on stages all over. Now it’s Finnigan’s turn to give the music to the people on a solo tip, and he’ll be releasing the full length on the Midwest powerhouse Colemine Records on April 26th. The Lp is ten songs, a mixture of soul, hip hop, and R & B, and weave the tale of Kelly Finnigan and how he got to 2019 today. His journey through music, however the path led him here. This first single on 45 is entitled “I Don’t Want To Wait”, and it features Max and Joe Ramey from The Ironsides on guitar and bass respectively. It’s another serious soul track, and like the Carlton Jumel Smith track we brought to the site last week, ‘I Don’t Want To Wait” is a stone cold soul killer. Sounding more like ’68 than 2019, it’s a joy to the ears. Finnigan states “It’s about that throbbing in your heart when you’re first falling in love with someone and all you do is think of them and the next time you’ll be with them.” Soul music right to the core. The flip, is a cover of Reuben Bell’s “It’s Not That Easy”. For all you fans of Colemine and for soul lovers world wide, this record needs to be on the shelf or in your record box. It’s that good.

Get the record here.

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