The M-Tet: Redbone b/w Ray Ban Pt. 2

If you are a fan of Funk Night Records out of Detroit, you know exactly how it goes when new records pop up from this powerhouse label. If you wait, you miss out. Such is the case with the new record from the West Coast heavy funk outfit The M-tet, who’s new forty five “Ray Ban Part 2” is out now. With two totally different sides of music, it’s got a little bit of something for everyone. “Ray Ban Pt. 2” is a heavy, heavy, psychedelic funk track with drums for days, plenty of reverb and noise. Something you might find marinating in the late ’60’s/ early ’70’s San Francisco scene. Experimental stuff that knocks hard, ya dig? The band is known for their heavy as cement funk, but this is all together different territory and we like it. It is a soundtrack to a stoner movie and it’s just at the point when the acid trip is peaking. The flip, is a soul jazz cover of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone”. With the organ taking the front and center stage, the rest of the band follow suit, great steady drum work keep your head nodding, so stay woke, trios creeping. These cats know what is up, and do it their own way. This record will be played for years to come by DJs, it’s that good. Like any good soul jazz/ funky jazz band, they reinterpret, reprocess, relick, and put their own signature sound on to someone else’s track, essentially making it their own classic. that’s what’s going on here. Listen to both sides of the record below. Try to grab the limited copy (only 250 or so made). Just like Keyser Söze, this record will be gone.

Sold out at press time, but you can email to see if there is a restock.

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