Mukatsuku Presents Afro Funk & Disco Gems Volume Nine

When you are looking for rare records of many genres, Mukatsuku is a source right up there with Mr. Bongo, Cultures of Soul, Light In The attic, and more. Scouring the globe for forgotten and hard to get gems on seven inch, Nik Weston and crew really have a nose for good music. Music that is not only rare, sometimes hard to get, and may not have necessarily been on a seven inch either. They are always packaged nicely with a heavy cardboard sleeve, and from afar you definitely know it’s Mukatsuku. This go round, they are up to volume number nine in their Afro Funk & Disco Gems series. Taking two superb tracks and making dance floors spontaneously com-bust and people unite through the music. This volume is a belter. You have the equivalent of Quincy Jones in Cameroon, Eko Roosevelt, and “”M’Ongele M’Am”” off of his self titled 1980’s record and licensed from Nubiphone and Africa Seven. This track has gained some notoriety since its release on the Dragon Phénix label and is every bit the hot fire you might think it was if you saw the original cover. From the first drop, the 120+ BPMs will have your head nodding and your feet moving nonstop. A great choice for this session. The other track Mukatsuku focuses on is “Deni” from Georges Ouedraogo, off the Lp Gnanfou Gnanfoualso, again on the Dragon Phénix label in 1978. This banger from the Burkina Faso musician sees the track on a seven for the first time (also licensed from Africa Seven too), and it’s ripe for dance floor antics. Two tracks of extreme afro heat that get the job done. There will not be another pressing, so grab it up before it’s gone. Listen to both tracks below:

Get the record here.

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