Shawn Lee & Misha Panfilov: Mic Wallace b/w Miraggio

Shawn Lee is synonymous with good music. The long time creative master who has given us so many gems, whether it’s his Ping Pong Orchestra, Young Gun Silver Fox, or the myriad of other great projects he was involved in (Library Music Film/ Tim Love Lee collab among others) has paired up with another maestro, Mr. Misha Panfilov. Making funky music that resonates all over the world, Panfilov has gone on to drop forty fives that will be sought after in years to come. The combination of these two is like Cesium and Water, but the Cesium is never exhausted. Their new forty five, recorded in Estonia on on Funk Night Records, is exactly what you’d expect from both of these talented cats. “Mic Wallace” definitely belongs on a soundtrack to a movie, as both have dabbled in library music type releases as well as music that is influenced from original soundtrack movies and compositions. Slow burning, dark and brimming with that attitude, you hear the fuzzed out guitars and drums just right. Think late ’60’s/ early ’70’s horror film sounds; scary and funky at the same time. “Miraggio” is a mooged out, upbeat side that moves in a direction that reminds us of soundtrack cuts from movies like Vampyros Lesbos meets “EVA” or Mood Indigo type sounds. It still has a psych/ funk vibe too, and could easily lend itself to a soundtrack as well. Both are top notch, and if you have been following both of their musical careers (you should be because their music is equally impressive) this will be a feather in the cap of today’s funk forty five releases. It’s important to keep an open mind, and know that these two creative whirlwinds always are innovating every time they put a record out. Listen to both tracks below and order from Misha’s bandcamp page after. 2019’s releases keep getting better and better!

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