Gerald McCauley and Cold Diamond & Mink: Wondering

Continuing the soul story of the instrumental of Pratt & Moody’s “Lost Lost Lost”, a tune that has dominated the low rider scene and had soul aficionados swooning (also gaining over 1 million play on YouTube), the flip had caught the ear of a Left Coast record guy, one DJ Mike Noriega. he liked it so much that he decided that it needed some other lyrics, stretching out the tune (like a reggae riddim) and giving someone else a chance to flex on the microphone. Tat someone else was Gerald McCauley. McCauley, and industry insider, musician, singer, A & R guy (Al Jarreau and Georg Benson project) , book producer (on the history of the Fender Rhodes electric piano!), as well as other endeavors. McCauley rips open the Pratt & Moody instrumental with a full and heavy heart and belts out “Wondering”. It’s beautiful, sad, mesmerizing, and pure soul through and through. This track here in 2019 transports us back to the early ’60’s and paints a picture of some really down and out loving situations. “Don’t come running back girl, unless you’re on your knees” sums it right up. A lot of wondering what you can do on this track. The best is the end, when the music fades out, and McCauley keeps going acapella, you hear every bit of emotion in that voice until the silence comes in. Soul music that good, that powerful, that you honestly fade out with it. Listen to this beautiful soul side below:

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