Freethinker Funk Essence – Ocean Drive

If you are dropping a funk forty five and your name is Freethinker Funk Essence, the record you drop better be dope. Well, fortunately for us, and you, it is. Recently released on the Burning Sole imprint out of Switzerland, “Ocean Drive” b/w “Liquor Bar” is indeed funky ride that you don’t have to be this tall to get on. FFE rocks at any size, because the tracks are king size in themselves. The A, “Ocean Drive” really is an upbeat boogie filled jazz track. Fueled by some chunky guitar and synths that would make Jean-Jacques Perry proud, and a SWAT style swagger that moves dance floors, this track is right at home in the South of France, Berlin in the summer, and NYC all year round. It’s a soundtrack to your own dance moves, plus 1000 of your closest friends. The flip, “Liquor Bar”, slows it down a bit, but still keeps them moving. More guitar, more dope keyboard work, and a classy drum break that is more ’73 than ’19, and we can’t get enough of it. With only one hundred pressed, this is truly a super limited edition release from both artist and the label. We’re confident that this track will catch on with the leaders who beak records like this, lighting up dance floors world wide. Take a look at this label, Burning Sole, because they are helping shape underground dance parties with releases like this. Stream both sides of the record below, and place an order for the 45 at the link after. More top notch releases you won’t hear any place else. Ya dig?

Get the record here.

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