The Library Music Film: LA Screening

If you are out and about on the West Coast in the beginning of April, Los Angeles to be exact, you’ll be in luck. The LA premiere of The Library Music Film will be hosted at the Downtown Independent on Thursday April 4th at 7:30 and will feature a Q & A with producer Shawn Lee, director Paul Elliot, Ole George of Capitol Media, DJ and collector Mike Wallace, and songwriter/ composer AM. The after party will feature a variety of surprise guest DJs spinning vinyl. The Library Music Film focuses on a period of music history where influential music was made for films, television, and the like. Music you most likely have heard, some you haven’t, but the players who

“This film has been a dream of mine for many years. These musicians are all my heroes and I’m so happy to see their incredible music celebrated in this movie.”

made the music are stuff of legend, and the film opens the door for people in 2019 to get to know the top of the top in the genre. Follow Shawn Lee as he travels all over (London, Europe, California) to chat with the pioneers of library music. The genre has been rediscovered today by a new generation of diggers, as well as producers who have given these tracks new seen light by sampling them in many popular artists music. The library music followers are indeed a bit cultish, and with this film you get to put faces to the names you never knew, breathing even more life into the storied albums that are consequentially getting harder and harder to get your hands on. Check out the trailer below:

Ticket Information here.

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