Sababa 5 & Yurika – Crossroad of Love

Today we’ve got some really great music from Sababa 5 & Yurkia. This is Sababa 5’s first ever single and it features a very talented Japanese singer and belly dancer Yurkia. “Crossroad of Love”, which is out on Tuff Beats is a seven inch that crosses over in a lot of ways. With music provided by Illan Smilan who also plays guitar, backed up with Amir Sadot on bass, matan Assayag on drums, Lior Romano on keys, and Yurika Hanashima taking care of the vocals, this is one of the most unique tracks we’ve heard in 2019. Playing both Mediterranean rhythms and grooves that come both from Israel and Arabic beginnings, Yurika’s beautiful voice and Japanese lyrics go hand and hand throughout both tracks. ‘Crossroad of Love” is a sixties funky guitar burner, complete with haunting organ, tough drums, and vocals that weave in and out perfectly with the music. The break of her voice and just drums at one point is quite a moment in the song. This is something that is definitely under the radar, but not for long. The record is a monster. The flip, “Blue Universe” is like Jefferson Airplane went to Japan, met Yurkia and locked themselves in a studio after partying all night listening to Japanese funk pop records. While the A of the record is the more dreamy, almost psychy sound, this side keeps it steady with tough enough drums and those vocals! A perfect match. We’re more keen on “Crossroad of Love”, but the B is a sleeper as well. It’ll grown on you, you’ll see. Just wait for the organ solo. Then let us know. Have a listen below:

Get the record here.

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