Eric Boss – Bad Luck

Let’s face it, when there is a new Eric Boss project, you need to stand up and take note. The man is the definition of versatility, doing a variety of releases with the likes of Myron & E, The Pendletons, plus collaborations in the soul, boogie, and funk genres. This time he’s going it solo with his latest single “Bad Luck” on Mocambo Records. Being the boss he is, he pushes out a funk track that combines past, present, and future. With heavy as cement in a bucket drums and a solid bass line, “Bad Luck” is not a slow burner or a high tempo shit kicker, rather a mid tempo slice of funkiness that will satisfy both his soul and boogie fans alike. This one is definitely for the dance floor too, as it’s got some great horn work that definitely keep people moving. Produced by Björn Wagner and Steffen Wagner (The Mighty Mocambos / Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band), the single is taken from the full length A Modern Love. Featuring a cast of illuminated guests such as Gift of Gab, Ishtar, and Gizelle Smith, this full length gives the listener deep, raw funk, soul sweetness, hip hop, and other assorted vibes. If this little taster is what’s to come with the full length, Mocambo Records have another future classic on its hands. Look for the release online and at better records stores throughout the globe. Eric Boss is back, and like JB said: “Paying the cost to be the boss”, because he has, and he continues to shape funk and soul music to be better for everyone with records like this. Listen to “Bad Luck” below:

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