The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble feat. Kelly Finnigan – Impeach The President

Artwork by El Ohms

This record has never ever gone away since it was recorded in 1973 advocating the impeachment of Richard Nixon. The drums (according to WhoSampled) have been sampled over 700 times because they are that good. Elusive as a 45 in the field (can I get an amen from everyone who has seen the yellow from the Alaga label only to grab a copy of any Roy C record and yelled “DAMN!”), the record was recently brought back on the Fraternity label as a funky instrumental. That’s not enough, as our political climate is in the shitter, and people are going back to this anthem again. This time it’s San Diego’s The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, a band we have championed here since their inception way way back. This time they take their Colemine mate Kelly Finnigan on vocals to take you on an organ filled funky ride to well, impeach the president. Oh did we mention that the one and only Jake Najor is on drums? Yeah, that too. This is another great updated version for 2019 as the US of A is as divided as it has been in decades, and people are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. All of these musicians have a voice that they use loudly, spreading not just good music but the word of the people. Whether you agree with this track or not, you must agree that this is a bang up version of the classic song, one that is not going away anytime soon god damn it. Let’s hope it finds it way onto a 45 at some point with a yellow and red label. Listen to the track below:

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