Mukatsuku Presents: Afro Funk & Disco Gems Volume 10

Back once again with more fiery goodness out of Africa, Mukatsuku Records goes deep and hard with this seven inch that is Afro Funk & Disco Gems Volume 10. Not pulling any punches, this recent volume features two songs that were not featured on a forty five single ever. The A side gets it going with the classic afro boogie joint “Everybody Dance ” from Peter Yamson. The song was licensed directly from the artist from the LP Son On Africa. We’re happy to see this collaboration between the artist and Mukatsuku bear fruit. If you are not familiar with this banger, all you have to do is check out the chorus plus that slap bass and horns, you will not be able to sit still. Neither will the dance floor, so this will be great to get a new generation moving to this track. The flip, “Get Up Tchamassi” by Tala Am, is another stone cold classic, or shall we say red hot? Early 1980’s, (aka ’81), burner with lots of sax (sexy sax man would approve) a beat that reminds us of The Police’s “When The World Is Running Down”, plus sweet female vocals, it’s a win all over. I feel like we just had volume number nine, and Mukatsuku have gotten us ten in a quick way. They are always searching and finding, so that can only mean one thing: more heat for 2019.

Check out both tracks below:

Get the record here.

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