The Pendletons – You Do You b/w Life to Me

Coming off of their full length slated fora spring release on the Bastard Jazz label, The Pendletons come correct once again (like they always do!) with another banger in “You Do You”. Featuring the one and only Howard Johnson (not that one, but THE Howard Johnson of Kashif/ Nightflyte fame) and a grip of The Bay Area’s best musicians that include Carl Locket (Shalamar, Rick James) and Star Creature Universal Vibrations artist Elive, more ass shaking is inevitable. With a 70’s and 80’s boogie sound, The Pendletons manage to give us a quick revisit to that time, but keep their funky selves in check without taking it too far over the top. In one word: authentic. It’s catchy, and with these classic players and Howard Johnson, it’s going to do what their other records have done: sell out number one, and number two, give DJs and dancers that happy feeling when they hear a record that sounds like this. This is a feel good track, just in time for Summer, outdoor gigs, good times, and late night parties. This is, like many of their tracks, a future classic no doubt. Mark our words. This duo have a way of making magic when the record button is pressed (solo and together), able to put together a gang of talented cats to transmit on their level, which eventually gets communicated through the music to the people. So if you’re digging this rhythm, and it says you should be dancing, follow the horns and bass and you just do you. We are 100% sure you won’t regret it. Listen to the track streaming below, and pre-order from their bandcamp page after the stream. Another San Fran sure shot brought to you by The Pendletons.

Pre-order the record here.

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