Saucy Lady – Supanova

If you’ve been following this site or been coming to the Shake! Brooklyn party for the better part of three years, then you’ve heard of Saucy Lady. The interplanetary cosmic traveler, who uses high energy disco, boogie, and jazz funk to propel her throughout the universe, is back once again. Her latest full length Supanova on Star Creature Universal Vibrations continues that trip in space with ten tracks to be played in space and on earth. Featuring top east Coast horn player, as well as tenor sax heavy Tomoki Sanders (Paharoah Sanders son), Hi Gloss and Prelude Records guitarist Jeffery Lockhart, J-Zone on the drums, and multi-instrumentalist Yuki Kanesaka aka monolog sharing the production, the deck is stacked for great music. In other words, it’s an all star affair, hitting on jazz funk, disco, boogie, b-boy breaks and more. Standout tracks are the title track “Supanova”, which is as bright as a new star and has a horn section that jams like the “Sussudio” drums on steroids. “You’re Stellar” has a nice Chaka Khan in space vibe, while “Calling Jupiter” is a cool as eff jazz funk trip that is bass heavy and wails on. The break beats on “Alien Nation” hit even harder, and paired with the synth stabs will have your head nodding instinctively. This is one of our favorite jams on the record. “A Litter Of Moon Kittens” is what we’d imagine a soundtrack to a date at the Sea of Tranquility would be, of course with some furry pals tagging along and this track on repeat. Ending the record on a mellow note, you’ve got “Orbit” and “Universal Vision”, two slower tempo and deep tracks. While “Orbit” is a slow ride out of the galaxy, complete with beautiful synths and Mz. Saucy’s alluring voice leading the way, “Universal Vision” is a spiritual movement to places unknown. The album graphics are from animator Steven E. Gordon (’80’s X-Men, Jem and the Holograms), and the gatefold LP also includes comics as well as a Saucy Lady paper doll cut out and a cherry scented scratch ‘n sniff sticker on the cover. A full package to match the full range of this terrific record. Also available in several ways, color vinyl, etc. While we were always a huge fan of the Saucy seven inches, this cohesive, full length effort from her is top notch as well. Listen to the record below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record, dropping 4/17 here.

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