Rasputin’s Stash – Make Up Your Mind

Just what we like to see, some unreleased funk coming our way. They had a banger with “Chump Change” from Odia Coates, and now Family Groove are coming correct once again with a previously unreleased track from the great Rasputin’s Stash. “Make Up Your Mind” comes when the band were at their peak of creativity. It’s a fuzzy guitar x sweet soul vocals x horns for days that sounds just as fresh today as when it was recorded forty plus years ago. If you haven’t come across any Stash 45s, then here’s a chance to get one no one had until the master tapes were uncovered and cut directly to vinyl with. Plenty of rhythm and a big ol’ drum break on this A side will keep your funk thirst quenched. It’s dirty, it’s funky, and if you like the funk on 45, this is your record. It’s smoked out and we love it. Long live the Stash. The flip, is a soul stepping slow ride called “You Are My Everything”. A little bit of both the funk and soul on this single, and a full length from the band on lost 1/4 tapes that were just found. Exciting stuff as RS were always a top title you’d look for while digging in the crates. Family Groove bring us some of that mid ’70’s heat. Listen to the track “Make Up Your Mind” below, and order the seven inch after the stream.

Get the record here.

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