Jorun Bombay – The Planets Edits

For those of you not familiar with Jorun Bombay’s CV, the Halifax, Nova Scotia beat maker/ producer has done the rounds with reworks of everyone from The Jacksons to James Brown, and literally had big name DJs begging for him to give them records a few years ago his edits are that good. He’s no stranger to FMF though, as we have featured him and some of his excellent edits/ relicks way back. His previous ’19 release as JORUNPMC (with Phill Most Chill) “Stay Back” is exactly what rap music should sound like. Taking it back to the ’80’s, it’s a future classic already. Tight and just about perfect, it is one of the best rap records of the year already. Speaking of back and possible future classics, these “The Planets Edits” are back again, having set the internet on fire from the pre-sale in February. Bombay takes on the Dexter Wansel classic as only he can, and by the sounds of both of these snippets, it’s one heat rock with two sides. KnowhutImean?? Heavy Moog, piano, guitar licks, and bass just right keep side one right on pace with greatness, but it’s side number two that really can set the dance floor afire, with freindly hip hop drum beats, synthy solos from deep in the universe, and a relicking that keeps on ticking. While you’re at it with this record, why not check out all he has to offer from Black Buffalo Records? Plenty of tasty sevens, digital remixes, and of course this record right here, which ships now. Bombay’s forty fives are so much in demand that there is a four record limit on this bad boy. If you like drum beats, classic beats flipped, and remixed right, this one from Jorun Bombay is for you.

Listen to both sides here.

Buy the record here.

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