Soul Vibration: Herman Chin Loy’s Funky Jamaican Trip

Ending the week off with a top notch box set from Pressure Sounds UK, introducing Soul Vibration: Herman Chin Loy’s Funky Jamaican Trip, a hand silk screened box full of five forty fives that paints a picture of the genius that is Herman Chin Loy. Blending American funk and soul with the heavy vibes of JA, Chin Loy has put out some of the most chased after records in the genre. With tracks from H20 aka The Aquarians, James Eastwood, The Teacher (Chin Loy, The Soul Vibration That Rocks The nation!), Augustus Pablo, and the Soul Vendors, these are some of the funkiest Jamaican discs that you have ever heard. Often put out in very small quantities in the past, this release brings them all together as one in this cream of the crop box set. Along with these killer 45s, this box set is hand assembled and hand silk screened with much detail, and emphasis on color of the psychedelic artwork of Okinawan artist Massa Aquaflow. No two boxes will look the same, so you’ll be holding an extremely limited edition piece in your hands. The set comes with a silk screened poster, extensive liner notes, printed towel (which you will need because you’ll be so sweaty from these listening to these sevens) as well as an in depth interview with Chin Loy himself by Diggory Kenrick. This is one of the best box sets we have seen in a long time, and every record is two sides of hot lava heat rock. Funky reggae is always hard to come across, and if you do, it’s top dollar. Here’s a chance to grab five of the best done by one of the best. Track listing, samples of each tracks, and other goodies below.

Box Set Track List:
1 A  H2O (The Aquarians) – Medusa Part 1
1 B  H2O (The Aquarians) – Medusa Part 2
2 A H2O (The Aquarians) – Arise Part 1 (Horns cut)
2 B H2O (The Aquarians) – Arise Part 2
3 A  James Eastwood – Darkest Night
3 B  Augustus Pablo – Red Sea
4 A  The Teacher -Soul Vibration
4 B The Teacher -Soul Vibration (Version)
5 A  Sounds Unlimited – Middle East Skank
5 B  Augustus Pablo – Song Of The East

Listen to samples of the box set HERE.

Get the box set HERE.

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