Greg Belson’s Divine Disco Volume 2: Obscure Gospel Disco from 1979 to 1987

For those who have been following the fantastic career of DJ Greg Belson (one of the hardest working DJs around), you know he does things his way. Always keeping it funky and out of sight, the genius of groovy gospel music and the The Divine Chord Gospel Show is back again with a second volume of the Divine Disco compilation. Divine Disco Volume 2: Obscure Gospel Disco from 1979 to 1987 features tracks that might make you scratch your head. Disco AND Gospel? Isn’t that, like the opposite? Secular music mixed with spirituality? Well, people, the gospel disco scene was alive and well, and these artists used the bump of the dance floor to lift those spirits higher (not too sure where the sex and cocaine fit in at the church), but at any rate these indie artists made beautiful disco music for the Lord. This second installment has Belson digging deep into his record crates to come up with some of the more rare gospel disco sides ever put out there. Tracks from Converters, Johnson Family Gospel Singers, Harrison Jones & The Voices of Harmony, Mr. Jesse R. McGuire, Paradise, Wisom, Prophecy, and more are all included. Some of these records were pressed up in batches as small as 50, and he’s included them on this very compilation. Remixes and edits on the record as well from Steve Cobby Fila Brazillia) and the Divine Situation production duo of Greg Belson and Paulo Fulci. Basically heavy hitters all the way through. If you thought disco and the church couldn’t go together, you’re dead wrong. Belson once again proves why he’s one of the world’s leading authority on this music. Check out a snippet of some of the music below, and then order the record off of the Cultures of Soul label after the video.

Get the record here.
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