Mo’ Horizons – music sun love

Hailing from Hanover, Germany, Mo’ Horizons has been in existence for twenty years. While not a political band, they agree that topics such as climate change, human rights and the division of people around the globe among others are at the forefront of what’s happening in the world today. In fact, the band is opposite of division, as it gathered a diverse group of musicians from all over the world to play on this record. Where ever music lives, you’ll find Mo’ Horizons. Travelling all over, they touch on Soul, Reggae, Cumbia, Salsa, Balkan music, and more. Featuring guest players such as Elvis Aljus aka Gypsy Brown from the Australian funk powerhouse The Bamboos, Noam Bar, and Mr. Morski, this record goes all over the place musically, but here’s the catch. The theme throughout is all the same: damn funky! We get to hear three tracks from the upcoming record music sun love on Agogo Records. Three entirely different tracks that smoke all the way through.

People should embrace the culture of their neighbours, rather than building walls and re-install borders.

“La Vida Es Solo Hoy”, features the Colombian musician Ivan Camelo, is a latin explosion of sounds, sort of like colors in a Jackson Pollack painting. The sounds are rich and spread over the aural canvas like Pollack did inthat small shed. This one packs a punch. The second track we are privy to is “You Gotta Know It” featuring Israeli vocalist Noam Bar. We did the JB quote in it for starters. The rest of the song is an upbeat, soulful and quite funky side that is damn catchy. This one has a commercial written all over it from the first note dropped. The last track we get to hear is “Ella Dice” and features Venezuelan Nené Vasquez, and the group does the damn thing all the way home on this track. With a great latin flavor, a drum break down and a rhythm that will make you shake your hips in your seats, this one is a winner too. After twenty years, Mo’ Horizons keep it real with a diverse sound. Here’s to twenty more.

Listen to selections from music sun love below:

Get the record here, available may 10th.

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