Mako & Mr Bristow – Stank Soul Edits Vol. 4

Just out today we have another banger from Mako & Mr Bristow in Stank Soul Edits Vol. 4. What’s incredible about these edits is that they do not sound like edits at all. They are made in such a way that one would think that they were lost takes from the studio. It doesn’t matter what studio, take your pick: Stax, Federal or Capitol, hell even funky Atlantic, these tracks could have been shelved for 40 plus years and been unearthed while someone was milling around a locked closet or found a box of master tapes in a basement somewhere. The sounds vary from upbeat Rhythm & Blues stompers to funky soul out of the South, to deep funk out of Nawlins, and with added bass and tough drums, these didn’t age one bit from the first recordings. But then, what if this never happened? What if Mako & Mr Bristow made tracks that sounded like the aforementioned story? It would be pretty dope, huh? That’s exactly what they did (and do on their releases) right here. Jumping on a new label, BBP (Break Beat Paradise), they’ve taken their signature sound and leveled up once again creating some of the smoothest and funkiest soul edits around. If making people get up offa that thing and releasing the pressure is what you like to do, then these edits are for you. They are upbeat, funky as hell, and as a matter of fact, you can bug out to it on the dance floor. Not for the wallflowers or for the shy at heart, these tracks are for one thing only: dancing. So get up, get on up, with your bad self, be a greedy man (or woman), a sex machine, and more. But what you really need to do is get these edits from the super talented Mako & Mr Bristow. Listen to snippets below and buy the 45 after the stream.

Get the record here.

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