Renaldo Domino feat. Lone Ranger – Never Thought

Here’s an unlikely pair that go together so well that you’d think they were doing it for years. We’re talking about the upcoming release from Happy As A Lark that features the great soul singer Renaldo Domino. The tune is called “Never Thought”, and Domino gets paired up with reggae great Lone Ranger (“Love Bump”, “Barnabas Collins”, etc.) on the track. These two take this collaboration to outer space and back. It’s the type of record that will appeal to the reggae heads, the soulies, as well as the lowrider set. Sweet like sugar, with harmonies for days, Domino has not missed a beat all these years, proving that Chicago soul is always alive and well. It’s a testament of what exactly soul music can do, because this one is moving hearts and minds. Done in a reggae style, leaning towards rocksteady, but with Lone Ranger’s dee jay style though out (along with some dub echo). Smooth and catchy, this is what reggae music should be, and this feels like it’s late early ’70’s despite the 2019 release. Great guitar work and steady back beat, but you can’t deny both of these men and their voices. Still going strong decades later. It just goes to show you that these legends still have what it takes to show the new generation how it should be done. This is real music. This is solid. This will stand the test of time. Not many can say that, but Renaldo Domino and Lone Ranger can. So will HAAL. It’s truly hard not to sit still, move your head, or croon along to the track. This record is one of our favorite HAAL releases to date; soon to be your favorite DJ’s and yours. Just watch. A lot of crossover potential here, but besides that, the side stands tall on its own. Watch the video below and look for the record, available from Happy As A Lark on May 14th.

More info on Happy As A Lark here.

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