Lee Fields Live at Paste Studio NYC

Here’s a nugget of live goodness of the man, Lee Fields. He brings his right hand men The Expressions promoting It Rains Love (out on Big Crown Records now) to the Paste studios to run through some tunes. After his great appearance on WFMU last week on Trouble’s This Is The Modern World show (along with Pat James Longo DJing), which we highly recommend, he tore it up for Paste magazine. Running through three sides, “It Rains Love”, “Will I Get Off Easy”, and “You’re What’s Needed In My Life”, if you don’t believe that Lee Fields is one of, if not the greatest soul singer alive today, then press rewind, go see him live, revisit his catalog, or do what ever you have to do. Lee Fields is the epitome of what soul music is. He’s talented, humble, and we are thankful his music is here every day. Should we talk about The Expressions as well? They’ve always been super tight, and the drumming of Homer Steinweiss is just off the charts. All in all, The Expressions are some of the hardest, and tightest backing bands around. We need to recognize that we are living through a singer who has been compared to James Brown (he’s on that level people), and has been making quality soul and funk music his whole life. If you are not aware of this, take a step back, clap your hands and scream: “YEAH!” There is a whole lot of love from Lee in this performance, as he gives every day (check his social media streams) to the music, to the people, and to the world. Enjoy this very special mini concert from the best that ever did it.

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