Ralph Weeks – Let Me Do My Thing

Today’s feature is about as hot as you can get on a forty five. This chestnut is most likely the most sought after Panamanian soul record around. The original on Sally Ruth is a pricey piece, so Matasuna Records got in touch with Mr. Weeks to reissue this banger of a track to the people once again. It was recorded with the group Los Dinámicos Exciters in 1971 in Panama. If this is the first time you’re hearing this track, sit down, be still, and get ready to freak the eff out. It’s super funky, drums tough and all over the track, with Weeks commanding the band to give it their best “Funky Drummer” action while he wails it out to the track. With drum breaks galore and some hot horn work, we can quote Weeks and say it is “Out of sight”. Weeks has been in the business since the early ’60’s and is still performing today at age 76 with a gospel acapella group in Connecticut. Devoting his life to music, he’s had a fruitful output of tracks throughout his career. This record, is probably his most funkiest and wanted of all. Carefully remastered, the listener gets everything tight and done well: deep bass lines, funky rhythms, blazing horns, and Weeks’ voice who brings it all home. There is also a remix from Voodoocuts on the flip which contains both a new intro and outro, beefed up beats, and an extended break. Our money is on the original, but the edit is nothing to shake your head at. It’s done tastefully and can fill the floor just as quick as the original can. Another cot damn gem unearthed by the good peeps at Matasuna, just waiting to get on a turntable near you. Grab this because it will go fast!

Get the record here.

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