Scorpio and His People – Unforgiven

This one is on some completely obscure out there funk tip from 1972. Scorpio and His People may or may not have been from California; Long Beach or Los Angeles. The real truth is not known, but what is known is that this double sider of a lava rock went for north of $4000 at one point. Super raw, psychish, and definitely funky, “Unforgiven” is a side that is the epitome of a funk record. The hand drawn label puts it over the top. B-side, “Theme From Movietown Sound” is a bit different from the A, but funky nonetheless. So if it’s private press funk you’re looking for and your pockets are not deep enough to grab the $4k copy that someone has, here’s a chance to get a reissue. You may scoff at someone reissuing it, but come on, were you really going to put down that cash on the original? Not saying you don’t have it, but this one off original is definitely a once in a lifetime record. Looks like there are a few of the reissue around as both Juno and Fat Beats have copies up for sale (limit one per customer at Juno). RIYL regional, private press, one off, indie before indie, raw, funk records. And who doesn’t like them? You wouldn’t be on this site if you didn’t. Have a listen to “Unforgiven” below. Purchase the forty five after the stream.

Get the record here.

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