Expansions: A Live Mix

To kick off the Summer season at Salvation! on the roof of The Asbury Hotel, which I’ll be doing several times a month (Fridays and Saturdays) until the end of September, I put together sixty minutes of what you’ll hear if you come out. What you won’t hear: Top forty garbage, country songs disguised as hip hop or house music, every song you play while getting ready to go out, the same song you play on the way to the club, the same song you ask me to play when you get to the club. There are hundreds of Jersey Shore bars you can go to and the DJ will happily play Drizzy, or something with a Yung or Lil’ before it. This night is about expanding your mind. It’s about real music. Music with soul. Music you can feel. It’s about coming together with a group of people you may or may not know, but by the end of the night you do know them through the music. It’s about deep funk, disco, nu-disco, afrobeat, latin, reggae, and classic hip hop mixed together like it was at your own house party (if your party were on an open air roof right on the beach). It’s classics you know and future classics you will know. Most of all, it’s all about the vibe. Leave your bullshit home. Come to the Asbury Hotel and hear good music, forget about your worries for an evening. No requests, No Hard Feelings. Just a vibe that will put a smile on your face and if you feel like moving, go on and move. This mix was done live and in one take, because you never get a second chance to do it again. Enjoy it. It may be a different sound than you’re used to, but that’s what Expansions is all about: Expand your mind. To understand.

Daft Punk – Beyond (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington Remix)
Mavis John – Use My Body
ATCQ – Can I Kick It (J.Cole Remix)
Flamingosis – Brunch At The Bodega
Kanye West – Lift Yourself
Polyester The Saint feat. Jay Worthy – Wazzup
VanJess feat. GoldLink – Through Enough
Kaytranada feat. VanJess – Dysfunctional
Rejje Snow feat. Aminé – Egyptian Luvr
Anderson Paak feat. Kendrick Lamar – Tints
The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk) (Kaytranada Remix)
Mark Ronson feat. Lykki Li – Late Night Feelings
Daniel Wang – Free Lovin’
Mongrels – Over Eggin’ It
Yacht – Psychic City (Monk’s Extended Faster Fun Mix)
Hot Chip – Hungry Child
L.T.D. – Love To The World (Kon Remix)
Swales’ – Inside Your Love (Swales’ in Detroit Edit)
A-Trak & Todd Terry – DJs Gotta Dance More
Lonnie Liston Smith – Expansions

Stream the mix below:

More mixes on my mixcloud page.

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